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Express your creative impulses in magnificent forms by beautifying your outdoors with pavers and landscaping tiles. Available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, textures and colors, natural stone pavers enhance the splendour and appeal of your exterior spaces. Create a circular natural stone island paved with natural stones in the middle of your garden, surrounded by velvety grass and stunning flowers, apply natural stone paving tiles to your porch in an outward spiralling design or adorn the patio with natural stone cobbles and patio stones. With a wide array of options available to select from, the possibilities of creating elegant designer landscapes with harmonious colors and textures are practically limitless!

landscaping tiles

Stone Pavers 001
Natural stone paving tiles with patterned splashes of subdued colours and a square shape rounding at the sides.

porch tiles

Stone pavers 002
Large rectangular paving stones of a variety of colours and textures, ideal for outdoor garden and floor applications

garage tiles

Stone Pavers 003
Beautify your stairway, patio, garden or driveway floors with gracefully textured natural stone paving stones.

stone pavers

Stone pavers 004
Abstractly cut and shaped natural stone paving tiles, ideal for exterior floor and garden applications.

stone pavers

Stone pavers 005
Long, narrow stone pavers with ridges and cuts of natural rock texture and shaded patterns.

cobbles paving

Stone pavers 006
Paving stones with natural colours, cut into trapezium shapes for application on an arched outdoor stairs.

patio stones

Stone pavers 007
Shaded rectangular paving stones with dissolving colors and smooth texture for exterior floors and patios.

stone cobbles

Stone pavers 008
Dark gray natural cobble stones shaped into small squares and paved with the pattern of rippling waves.

Stone pavers

Stone pavers 009
Natural coloured cobble stones cut into small squares for an assorted exterior application.

natural stone pavers

Stone pavers 010
Moderate gray cobble stones, cut into squares and set up for a beautiful natural stone patio.