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Kitchen countertops, being the central focus of your kitchen, have to be perfectly balanced between resilient, magnificent, subtle and noticeable. As durability is often misjudged to come at the expense of beauty, finding the right material for your countertops can be intimidating. At Stone Ideas, we recognize the challenge natural stone countertops present to your interior décor ideas, and have picked the perfect materials for you to use liberally and show off at the same time! Select form our traditionally preferred speckled and multi-veined granite, limestone, quartz natural stones, or pick the modern and trendy smooth-surfaced, subtly striated countertops. Our designers will help you make the perfect choice that resonates with your interior décor splendidly!

granite countertop stone

A smooth black granite natural stone countertop with thin, rough strokes of white, ideal for an fashionable kitchen décor.

stone counertop marble

Ribbons of tan branded atop a placid white create a vibrant and lively natural stone countertop for a stylish kitchen.

stone counertop

A stunningly vibrant limestone countertop with banding patterns of gray and white, speckled with fragmented brown bands.

countertop granite stone

A beautiful gray granite countertop with lighter flecked variations ingrained into the smooth texture of the natural stone.

kitchen granite colour

Black granite countertop with light gray flecks in abundance, creating a dynamic night sky illusion on smooth surface.

kitchen countertop quartz

A graceful quartz kitchen countertop with a soft, gray-white base covered gently with light gray striations and patches

kitchen countertop

A light wheat limestone kitchen countertop with splashes of darker tone patterns and brown flecks on a smooth surface.

black granite countertop

A beautiful black granite natural slab with white irregular white striations, ideal as a trendy and elegant kitchen countertop

limestone countertop

A light taupe coloured limestone countertop with speckles of dark brown and gray and a few abstract veins.

stone countertop

A snow white Quartz natural stone countertop with swirls of dark gray, suggesting hints of pink and green veins.