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Flooring tiles are incredibly difficult to select whether you are renovating your old house or building a new one. In addition of complimenting your personal sense of flair and beauty, floor tiles will also comprehensively determine the style and color of your furniture and drapery. while manufactured stone can have a lustre and are easy to apply, natural stone floors have an elegance and texture unique to nature. Derived from the depths the earth, each natural stone floor tile has a distinct texture and characteristic, adding an implicit charm and appeal to them. Robust and resilient to extreme weather conditions; floor tiles are available in a multitude of colors, textures sizes and finish. Add an intrinsic grace and imperial luxury to your residential and commercial spaces by selecting a natural stone flooring tile that creates perfect harmony with your interior decoration.

flooring tiles

Floor Tiles 001
A dark slate gray floor tile with rich texture for elegant modern interior decoration.

stone flooring

Floor Tiles 002
A magnificent floor tile with a splash of spectacular patterns for awe-inspiring floors.

stone flooring tiles

Floor Tiles 003
Inspire antiquity and beauty with brick red floor tiles, perfect for both interior and exterior floor application.

designer flooring tiles

Floor Tiles 004
An elegant floor tile or modern home interior, expressing beauty embedded with fashion and style.

designer flooring tiles

Floor Tiles 005
Stunning floor tiles splashed with a multitude of colours and a rich stone texture, reflecting luxury with resilience

interior floor tiles

Floor Tiles 006
A floor tile with soft colours, for floors that harmonize with the most tranquil interior design aura.

stone flooring ideas

Floor Tiles 007
Subtle colours enrich the floor tile’s striated texture, creating a magnificent designer floor.

stone flooring

Floor Tiles 008
Floor tile enhanced with splashes of vivid colours and deep textures, ideal for interior and exterior applications.

flooring tiles

Floor Tiles 009
A soft smooth floor of brick red color and light patterns, fashioning a velvety touch under the feet

stone flooring

Floor Tiles 010
The magnificence of imperial floors casted into floor tiles of gray and pink with beautifully subdued texture.