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With a flare of natural beauty thrown over explicit textures and soft colors, individual stone personalities expressed with ribbons and flecks of patterns running through the surface, Indian marble is truly and astoundingly the majestic natural stone. The name ‘Marble’ is derived from the Greek word mármaros, which means a ‘shining rock’, reflecting the inherited crystalline lustre of the stone. The velvety smooth surface, along with an inherent variation of gentle patterns and colors in every single stone, marble has been extensively preferred for application in royal palaces and imperial styling. Its porous nature allows elaborate chiselling and detailing for handicrafts and architectural design, while the stunning surface provides the perfect tiles for flooring, table tops, kitchen countertops, wall cladding, wall mosaics and other interior and exterior detailing.

indian marble

Fantasy Brown Marble
Ribbons of gray with hints of gold and brown spiralling through beautiful surface of the marble slab.

fantasy brown marble

Fantasy Brown Light Marble
A snow white marble slab with striations and bands of elegant pink and gray spread through the surface.

white marble tiles

Iceberg Marble
- A dynamic marble slab with waves of gray and splashed brown rippling through a smooth surface.

natural stone marble

Mercury black Marble
Violent ripples of gray and black weaving intricate patterns on a soft white marble slab.

indian Marble

Polar White Marble
Marble slabs are cut to create geometrical shapes spanning over tiles for flooring and wall applications.

Indian Marble exporter

Smoky Marble
Violent rustles of gray ornament the chalk white color of Smoky marble, creating a magnificent artistic impact.

White Marble exporter in india

White Marble
Gently rippling waves of black and gray cover the surface of the soft white marble slab granting it an elegant propriety

Brown Marble
Generously speckled with brown flecks, the neutral brown marble exhibits a beautiful pattern with varied textures.

Indian Marble

Black Marble
A graciously black marble slab expressing its distinguished story with a stark white band of artistic originality.

Indian Marble

Beige Marble
Soothing beige and natural brown colors spread across a serene marble surface in toned textures.