Stone Ideas

Kitchen Stone Application

Beautiful kitchens come together with assortment of colors, textures and patterns that flow dynamically complementing each other. The soft, subtle colours of natural stones combined with their polished textures grant the kitchen spaces a sophisticated cosiness. Pick from our wide array of natural stone mosaics for a graceful backsplash, compliment it with elegant stone countertops and adorn the floors with harmonious stone flooring tiles. Let our expert designers help you create the perfect look for your kitchen spaces to fill it with life and warmth.

indian stone countertop

Kitchen Stone Application 06
A richly textured natural stone countertop with patterns of gray splashed on the surface, complementing the plain white retro kitchen.

quartzite countertop

Kitchen Stone Application 05
A soft white natural stone countertop peppered lightly with gray grants perfection to the ultramodern kitchen interior.

marble stone countertop

Kitchen Stone Application 04
An elegant countertop with a rustic touch, streaked with brown flecks grant a timeless touch to the kitchen interior.

kitchen stone tiles

Kitchen Stone Application 03
A richly coloured stone mosaic backsplash and complementing countertop sprinkles this beautiful kitchen with life and warmth.

kitchen stone inspiration

Kitchen Stone Application 02
A snow white countertop with green and brown striations give this contemporary kitchen a stylish fervour.

kitchen stone

Kitchen Stone Application 01
A natural stone wall mosaic backsplash of rustic, dark colours complements the granite countertop of this beautiful kitchen.