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Stone jali : Stone Jali is made by cutting through stone tiles to create a stylized 3D grid. Decorate your living room wall with a stone jali to flaunt elegance and royalty, or create a window out of a sandstone jali to achieve an antique interior decoration effect. With multitude of variations in Stone grid patterns, colors, finishes, as well as stones available for the stone design ideas, the possibilities to express your characteristic sense of design and innovation are limitless!

stone jali

Stone jali(SJ006SI)
A spirited flow of windblown and whirling leaves cut through the natural stone to create a vibrant, expressive stone grid.

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Stone jali(SJ005SI)
A grove of trees planted atop a bed of grass and folding terrain make this cut-through stone grid both elegant and animate

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Stone jali(SJ004SI)
An elegant stone grid with flourishing leaf design portraying elegant fanning petals on soft, light fawn natural stone.

stone jali

Stone jali(SJ003SI)
Geometric spirals decorated with sophisticated curves and hints of heritage design on a tan natural stone.

sandstone jali

Stone jali(SJ002SI)
A magnificent stone grid with artistic depiction of wheat florets enveloped within scattered stars.

natural stone jali

Stone jali(SJ001SI)
Traditional stone jali with intricate patterns fanning in circular arrays on a dark brown natural stone.