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Natural stone wall mosaics tiles are magnificent compositions of small pieces of natural stones put together in a unique fashion. We provide a huge variety of patterns and sizes of stone wall mosaic tile that can be used as interior or exterior wall cladding decorations. Make your kitchen backsplash come alive with sprawling colors of stone mosaic wall tiles, toss a extravagance of colors down your hallway by randomising stone mosaic designs or turn your bathroom into a luxurious antiquity with stone wall mosaic tile decorations.Stone Ideas, India specialize in a variety of Stone mosaic wall tiles for wall cladding

natural stone wall tiles

Stone Mosaic(MU002SI)
A modern stone wall mosaic cladding grooved on the sides and cut in shape of bamboo stems, with striking natural stone texture.

natural stone mosaic

Stone Mosaic(MU001SI)
Raggedly carved squares and rectangles of natural stone patterns with brown and white striations and leaf murals.

natural stone mosaic tiles

Stone Mosaic(MM028SI)
stone mosaic with a braided pattern put together with smooth textured white and brown stones.

stone wall mosaic

Stone Mosaic(MM027SI)
A variation of white in the polished arches of natural stone mosaic, created for a trendy interior.

white stone mosaic

Stone Mosaic(MM026SI)
Tiny arches of natural stone pieced together meticulously for an astounding stone wall cladding tile.

natural stone mosaic

Stone Mosaic(MM025SI)
Light sandalwood coloured natural stone mosaic with curved tiles and texture resembling that of natural wood.

natural stone tiles

Stone Mosaic(MM023SI)
Arches of richly textured faun natural stone arranged horizontally and vertically creating a graceful wall mosaic.

stone wall mosaic

Stone Mosaic(MM022SI)
A distinctive stone wall mosaic cladding tile with gentle shift of colors from beige to cream within rounded tiles of natural stones.

stone mosaic tiles

Stone Mosaic(MM018SI)
A unique stone wall mosaic tile assembled with brown indian natural stone in an up and down fashion.

stone mosaic tiles

Stone Mosaic(MM015SI)
Variations of dark brown and slate colours in natural stone brick mosaic, perfect for distinguished accent walls.