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Natural stone wash basin are magnificent compositions of natural stones . We provide a huge variety of patterns and sizes of stone basins that can be used in bathroom and kitchen or any other place. Make your kitchen come alive with sprawling colors of Semi precious wash basin , toss a extravagance of colors down your hallway by randomising stone wash basin designs or turn your bathroom into a luxurious antiquity with Stone bathroom sink .Stone Ideas, India specialize in a variety of marble stone basin, standalone wash basin, granite stone basin. Buy online natural stone wash basin exclusively on Stone Ideas, India. Get the feel of nature in your bathroom with natural stone wash basin. We are exporter from india of stone wash basin. We belive in to choose best quality natural stone to make this designer wash basin which are durable as well as efficient.

stone basin

Stone wash basin(SWB024SI)
Rainforest green marble oval shaped stone wash basin guarrenty a lavish interior d├ęcor.

stone basin black

Stone wash basin(SWB023SI)
Granules of grey striding through the white outside surface and black color inside beautiful stone basin.

stone basin

Stone wash basin(SWB022SI)
Violent rustles of gray ornament the chalk white coloured stone basin creating an artistic impact.

stone basin white

Stone wash basin(SWB021SI)
A serene snow white marble natural stone wash basin establish an innovative interior design ideas.

natural stone wash basin

Stone wash basin(SWB020SI)
An elegant and resilient Stone wash basin with texture of dark hues on shiny dark green backdrop.

stone wash basin

Stone wash basin(SWB019SI)
A snow white natural stone wash basin with striations of pink and grey spread over the surface.

natural stone sink

Stone wash basin(SWB018SI)
A beautiful stone sink with dark hues mixed with patterns and lighter variation of natural stone.

indian natural stone wash basin

Stone wash basin(SWB017SI)
The honed polish on the edge of rectangular brown stone basin granting it an elegant propriety.

black granite stone basin

Stone wash basin(SWB016SI)
A graciously black stone wash basin expressing its distinguised story of artistic originality.

white colour stone basin

Stone wash basin(SWB015SI)
Gently rippling waves of grey and black cover the surface of the soft oval shaped stone wash basin.