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Applying natural stone bricks tiles to a wall that you have spent so much laborious effort plastering and painting seems a little counterintuitive at first. Stone Bricks are raw construction tools, meant to stay hidden beneath layers of cement and gorgeous textured paints, aren’t they? Cement bricks are. Stone bricks cladding, on the other hand, introduce a royal, antique country feel to your interior and exterior wall design. Laced with beautiful earthen colors with hints of nature’s bright tints on a ragged stone texture, stone brick cladding tiles are superlative adornments for a sophisticated elevation wall décor. Not only are the stone bricks durable and robust against weather conditions, they also add a timeless luxury and antiquity to your interior, exterior and boundary walls.

stone wall tiles

Stone Bricks(SB006SI)
Pronounced stone texture and natural shades on an of stone sizes,creating an antique stone brick wall.

stone brick tiles

Stone Bricks(SB005SI)
A tranquil stone brick wall décor with smooth colors in hues of brown and gray for interior or exterior wall application

elevation stone brick tile

Stone Bricks(SB004SI)
Structured stone bricks with a wide spectrum of colors thrown across in patterns of veins and speckles.

wall stone brick

Stone Bricks(SB003SI)
Darker stone wall bricks with earthen gray and brown tones perfect for a lavish, awe-inspiring stone wall design.

stone brick tile

Stone Bricks(SB002SI)
Snow white and light faun stone bricks with an exaggerated brick texture, ideal for graceful exterior and interior walls.

stone bricks for wall

Stone Bricks(SB001SI)
Light coloured stone wall bricks tiles with a ragged, pronounced stone texture and hints of light, earthen colors for exterior.