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Stone Murals amalgamate intricate designs with stone engraving, creating a new dimensionality in the stone design. Carved on the stones using CNC machine, these wall décor ideas can be delicately elaborate and artistic, while bringing out the ingrained texture of the decorative natural stone. A wide array of natural stone murals, ranging from marble engraving to sandstone and limestone murals are available for creating the pattern of your choice!

wall engraving

StoneEngraving 001
Subtle stone wall engraving with intertwined branches of flourishing vines and sprightly flowers.

wall engraving

StoneEngraving 002
Intricate palette of abstract lily flowers grants a dynamic and tranquil spirit to this stone wall mural.

stone murals

StoneEngraving 003
Engraved depiction of the tree of life with vivacious leaves and branches swirling gently around the sides.

stone murals

StoneEngraving 004
The elegant color and deep texture of teakwood stone grants this wall engraving a tranquillity echoing the symbol itself.

designer engraving

StoneEngraving 005
A beautiful stone engraving with expanding gray vines and leaves embellishing a blue-black natural stone.

interior wall engraving

StoneEngraving 006
Sculpted lines in shape of a geometric diamond rising in concurrence from the canter of the natural stone mural.

stone engraving work

StoneEngraving 007
Tranquil yet vibrant wall mural with a splendidly carved lotus mural that splashes calmness on the interior wall.

stone engraving creations

StoneEngraving 008
Natural stone mural tile with abstract engravings suggesting the shapes of leaf foliage.

decorative engraving

StoneEngraving 009
A stunning wall mural with twirling branches with salient leaves on a teakwood textured natural stone.

stone engraving architecture

StoneEngraving 010
Swarm of lilies with elegant winding petals on a natural stone wall mural perfect for a serene interior décor.