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Natural stones have a peculiar charm to them. Self-textured through years and years of natural processing deep beneath the earth, their texture and beauty cannot be replicated in any other form. The stunning variations in colours and styles, naturally uneven configurations, combined with a desirable strength, makes these stones ideal for all interior and exterior decoration ideas. At Stone Ideas, we take pride in providing an unparalleled array of options for natural stones applications. But where style and personality of interior décor and exterior application are in question, nothing can speak better than for us than our projects!

stone wall cladding tiles

Interior Wall Ideas
Fountain tiles applied on a simple interior wall create a beautiful organic look along with granting the living space a luxurious accent.

wall cladding tiles

Accent Wall
The ingrained striations of the teakwood natural stone wall panel create a very natural wooden look on smooth stone surface.

interior wall cladding

Interior Wall
Interlocked teakwood natural stone tiles introduce serenity into the interior accent walls, evoking a luxurious texture and style.

Stone tiles for bathroom

Bathroom Wall
A regular sink area turned into a state-of-art interior space with graceful application of natural stone wall panel with a stone sink.

stone tiles for interior

Interior Wall Cladding
Accent walls bring life into the rooms, adding a personal touch of creativity that articulates and expresses your story.

stone mural buddha

Buddha Stone Mural
An elaborate natural stone engraving of Buddha on the wall of the yoga studio, gently swept with soft yellow and white lights.