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Stone Wall Gallery

Natural stones have a peculiar charm to them. Self-textured through years and years of natural processing deep beneath the earth, their texture and beauty cannot be replicated in any other form. The stunning variations in colours and styles, naturally uneven configurations, combined with a desirable strength, makes these stones ideal for all interior and exterior decoration ideas. At Stone Ideas, we take pride in providing an unparalleled array of options for natural stones applications. But where style and personality of interior décor and exterior application are in question, nothing can speak better than for us than our projects!

interior wall cladding tiles

Teakwood Accent tiles
Interlocking natural teakwood stone wall panel tiles with subtle rock and wood patterns splashed on the smooth polished surface.

ohm engraved on stone

The OHM Engraving
A beautiful engraving of stylized symbol of ohm on a richly textured teakwood stone, created to compliment the tranquillity of the yoga studi

stone murals

Yoga Studio Wall
Designed exquisitely to create a spiritual and composed aura in the yoga studio, this wall surrounds stone engraving within wall panels.

interior wall cladding

Accent Wall Side View
The illuminated living room accent wall envelopes the interior décor in a peaceful embrace, igniting tranquillity within the room.

stone wall tiles for living room

Living Room Wall
The backlighting on the mdf tree falling softly over the living room furniture and fabric casts a serene, peaceful aura in the living room.

stone wall tree mural

MDF Tree mural
An exotic MDF tree mural placed atop a calm natural stone mosaic wall tiles and illuminated with beautiful backlighting.