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Wall Panel Application

The smooth colors, elaborate textures, natural rise anthe fall of the stone, graceful interlocking and superlative designs of wall panels render them perfect for interior and exterior applications. Wall panels are not only elegant to look at, but their robust durability also makes them a much preferred choice for long term wall applications. Unsure of what kind of panels would introduce life and personality to your home or office, while agreeing with your interior décor ideas? At Stone Ideas, our proficient team of expert designers are dedicated entirely to fulfilling the requirements of our clients within reasonable prices.

stone wall panel

Wall Panel Application 01
Rich gray wall panel with a natural stone lustre create a lavish modern temperament in the living room.

wall panel

Wall Panel Application 02
Soft colors of the furniture in the living room was complemented with a smooth black interlocked wall panel.

Stone Wall panel

Wall Panel Application 03
Decorate your hallways, living rooms and office lounges with this beautiful gray wall panel with rustic splashes.

wall panel

Wall panel Application 04
Soft golden splashes within white and greens of natural stone grant this wall panel a stunningly imperial touch.

Stone Wall panel ideas

Wall Panel Application 05
Luxurious texture of the vividly speckled wall panel create a sense of festive extravagance in the living room.

stone wall panel

Wall Panel Application 06
The graceful colors and deep natural stone texture of this wall panel makes it perfect for interior and exterior application.