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  Thin Natural Stone Veneer

Do you often find yourself wishing that you could use the natural stone texture to ornate your narrow interior walls, interior partitions or even apply atop your furniture to give it a royal touch? Natural stone mosaics, stone veneer panels and stone tiles are sometimes too heavy for the delicate surfaces to hold, and only finds practical application on sturdy interior and exterior walls and floors. thin stone veneer sheets by Stone Ideas, India are the perfect solutions for such applications. Sliced out of slate and quartzite natural stones into very thin and flexible stone veneer sheets, stone veneer sheets preserve the original texture, durability and resilience of the natural stones, while abandoning the weight and bulk of the stone. Natural stone veneer panels can be opaque or translucent, making them ideal for backlighting and decorative applications on sliding, partitions, furniture and cabinet fronts. With light weight and the ability to be cut into desirable sizes and shapes, natural stone veneer tiles can be used elaborately to resonate with your artistic expressions!

natural stone veneer

Stone Veneer Sheets
Sprinkled with vivid colors and swirling, wavy and speckled patterns, solid stone veneer sheets are excellent for interior and exterior applications.

transparent stone veneer

Translucent Stone Veneer Sheets
Richly textured with splashing patterns and sophisticated colors, translucent veneer sheets can be used to adorn walls, cabinets and the delicate furniture and partitions.

interior stone Veneer application

Stone Veneer Applicaton
Explore applications of natural stone veneer sheets on interior exterior walls, furniture, cabinets, partitions and countertops for inspirational interior decor ideas.