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Creative, natural, sturdy and fabulous, stone wall planks are created in the form of long broad strips of a multitude of colors. Stone wall planks combine the beautiful textures ingrained with veins and patterns resembling aged wood with the weather resistance and durability of natural stone, making them ideal for interior and exterior applications. Available in a wide variety of sizes, the stones for wall planks are selected by our expert team based on uniqueness and magnificence of the natural stone. stone wall planks tiles, because of their versatility, can be shaped or cut into various creative designs to compliment your wall design ideas.

wall plank stone tile

Stone Planks(SP010SI)
Graceful geometric cuts in a stone wall plank with kaleidoscopic colors and a splash of abstract patterns.

wall plank stone tile

Stone Planks(SP009SI)
Large brick-shaped engraving in a vibrant, colour-splashed natural stone plank tile for wall applications.

stone wall planks

Stone Planks(SP008SI)
A vividly coloured stone wall plank tile cut to resemble the antiquity and timelessness of raw brick wall

stone wall planks

Stone Planks(SP007SI)
Create a wooden-brick appearance on your interior and exterior walls with this robust stone wall plank.

stone plank for wall

Stone Planks(SP006SI)
Decorate your exterior and boundary walls with the beautifully cut stone plank with a wooden appearance

stone plank for wall

Stone Planks(SP005SI)
Curves of stones running in wave-like pattern throughout the rainbow surface of a natural stone wall plank.

stone plank for wall

Stone Planks(SP004SI)
Geometrical cuts in an ornamental stone wall plank tile with natural wood texture and a rough finish design.

stone tiles

Stone Planks(SP003SI)
Wavy veined pattern of natural wood decorating a stone wall plank tiles with diamond insertions pattern.

wall plank tile

Stone Planks(SP002SI)
A stunning stone wall plank with elongated diamond shapes and a deeply ingrained rainbow texture.

stone planks

Stone Planks(SP001SI)
Beauty with simplicity. A natural stone wall plank cut with small square shapes for interior and exterior d├ęcor.