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Granite is a very strong natural stone, formed over centuries from molten volcanic lava receding within the earth’s crust and solidifying into hard rocks. Formed under excessive pressure and a high temperature, granite has a high comprehensive strength and temperature resistance. As such, it can endure extreme weather conditions and is resilient against heat and spill damage, making it ideal for innovative interior and exterior applications. Granite slabs are available in a multitude of colors, ranging from a soft pink to violent green, from a natural brown to sleek black and rustic to elegant beige and whites. As the manufacturers, suppliers and designers of natural stone products, at Stone Ideas we help you select and apply the perfect granite tile for your floors, counter tops, furniture and other interior and exterior applications with a customer-oriented, easy workflow.

Granite Slab

Monte Cristo Granite
Peppered with granules of gray and pink striding through the chalk white surface of a beautiful granite slab.

Granite Flooring

Green Pearl Granite
An elegant and resilient granite slab with granular textures of light gray on a dark green backdrop.

Granite tiles

Black Granite
Checkers of black and white establish an innovative design in an attractive natural granite slab.

Indian granite stone

Black Granite Liner Finish
A gray granite slab with ridges and troughs rippling in parallel streaks throughout the surface of the natural stone.

indian granite exporter

Apple Green Granite
Granite slabs are especially renowned for their granular texture and speckles that cover their surface.

Indian granite supplier

Green Pearl Granite
A black granite stone flecked with irregular gray pattern, leather finished for a soft, ridged surface.

Granite exporter

Apple Green Granite
An extremely detailed granite slab with salmon, rustic, soft white and green speckles spirited over the surface.

Black Granite Net finish
Peppered with miniscule specks of light gray, this reflective granite slab can bring a modern elegance to interior decoration.

natural stone granite

Black Granite
A graceful granite stone slab of stark black color with a lightly textured pattern granting it a visual depth.

Granite slabs

Apple Green Granite
A highly detailed granite stone with a green tint over gray undertone, flecked with white and rustic colors.