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  Elevation Wall Ideas

When you fantasize about your dream house, do you see an elegant, majestic front entrance and a lively spread of natural stone boundary walls covered with creepers draping all over them? Natural stones remind us of timeless beauty, grace and add a royal touch to our exterior walls. The exterior walls and the front elevation of your house grant the onlookers an impression of your taste and persona in the first look. Do you prefer to be cosy and warm to visitors? Adorn your entrance walls with subtly coloured stone bricks and stone wall mosaics. Do you prefer a rather lavish and fashionable look? Select from our wide variety of trendy wall panels tiles and stone wall cladding for exterior decoration and throw in some graceful boundary wall tiles. At Stone Ideas, we provide a comprehensive range of natural stone tiles to choose from, to create the perfect home and office exterior that harmonizes with your dreams and personality.

stone bricks

Stone Bricks
Beautifully cut natural stone, available in a variety of sizes and shapes resembling architectural bricks, sprayed with subtle, organic colours.

stone planks

Stone Planks
Explore the magnificently designed and vividly colored world of stone planks, which are robust strips of natural stones ideal for exotic interior and exterior wall applications.

elevation wall

View the applications of stone bricks, wall planks, natural stone wall mosaics and stone murals that turn the plain exterior walls into timeless works of art.