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  Natural Stones

Indian natural stones are mined from deep within the earth, where they had taken centuries to compress into majestic textured rocks from fossils, lava and earth’s own crust. Depending on the constituents and the environmental conditions involved in their formation, indian natural stone can be distinguished into many different forms. Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Limestone, Quartzite and Slate are the six most preferred stones for architectural applications and innovative design creation. Being manufacturers and suppliers of Indian natural stone, at Stone Ideas, we take pride in designing the perfect creations for your individual requirements in Honed, Brushed, Flamed or Leather finish. View our natural stone product range and application pages to explore inspirational ideas for interior and exterior application of indian natural stones.

Indian marble

Soft lustrous surface with intricate colors weaving into delicate patterns, Indian marble is rightfully termed the most elegant natural stone.

indian granite exporter

Granite is a durable natural stone with speckled surface and strong resilience, used widely for interior and exterior applications.