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Natural Stone Veneer combines the beautiful look and feel of natural stones with the ease of application and space accessibility of artificial tiles. Stone veneer sheet is created by slicing apart Slate and Quartzite natural stones into thin sheets, so that the stone texture is retained in each sheet, while excess weight and area coverage is dropped off. Stone veneer cladding can also be cut to render shadows resembling natural stones applications flawlessly. Robust and easy to apply, stone veneer tiles are used extensively for application on living room walls, accent walls, hallways and galleries, garden walls, elevation and front exterior walls. Since the natural stone veneer sheets are thin and do not contain the weight of the stones, the applications extend beyond interior and exterior walls, onto furniture, cabinets and decorative items of various colors and styles. Mix and match several veneers to create the perfect pattern, texture and look to resonate with your surroundings and grant your interior decoration a unique artistic appeal!

indian stone veneer sheets

Stone veneer(SV019SI)
A magnificent thin natural stone veneer sheet with abstract contrast curves dissolving through the surface.

natural stone veneer india

Stone veneer(SV018SI)
Fragmented bands and patterns of dark gray running across a mild silver indian natural stone veneer sheet.

stone veneer sheets

Stone veneer(SV017SI)
The magnificence imperial of grey and pink natural stone veneer sheet with beautifully subdued texture.

slate stone veneer

Stone veneer(SV016SI)
Ridges of dark gray speckles thrown on a beautiful glossy and shimmering gray natural stone veneer sheet.

thin stone sheets

Stone veneer(SV015SI)
An alluring natural stone veneer sheet fusing of a multitude of colors and patterns with a light stone shimmer.

flexible stone veneer

Stone veneer(SV014SI)
Geometric patterns decorated with curves and speckles on a greenish flexible thin natural stone veneer sheet.

natural stone veneer panels

Stone veneer(SV013SI)
Aberrant rust-orange patterns scatter on the patched background of a regal natural stone veneer sheet.

stone wall tiles

Stone veneer(SV012SI)
An discerning, speckled natural stone veneer sheet, perfect for opulent interior and exterior applications.

indian stone veneer sheets

Stone veneer(SV011SI)
A majestic natural stone veneer sheet with texture resembling a view of earth's natural landscape from space.

thin stone tiles

Stone veneer(SV010SI)
Anomalous patterns defuse on the dark grey, patched background of a luxuriant natural stone veneer cladding.